Make Memories with Yacht Photography

We are recreating the adventurous experience through our breathtaking photography skills on board. Sail on our luxurious yachts and enjoy a lasting impression with MY Cruises in Dubai.

Whether it is a launch of a product or a corporate meeting, marketing images can create a significant difference to make or break a deal. That is why you require a professional photographer. Even if it is a day out with your friends, you should enjoy the moments with luxuries and fill your thirsty soul with adventures and let us capture the moments. We try to save the essence of every moment. Whether it is a bumpy ride on banana boat or a friend falling down in water, we portray the uniqueness of your day. We highlight the happenings of your party and fill it with the soul of charm. The richness of your décor, and the elegance of your attire is what our photographer will capture

Our Services

As a Dubai based cruise company, we recognize the importance of your escapade. We travel throughout the Arabian Sea. Our photographer knows the right spot, enchanting scenery and correct lighting to gift you the moment of lifetime. Whether it is the ray of sun kissing your cheeks, or a shadow of hat enhancing your mysteries, we are looking for every single click.

360° Virtual Tours

The Virtual Tours of your party from 360 degree angle can create a different perspective. As if everything is standing in the middle and the person is watching right, left up and down

Aerial Photography
Our photographers enhance the interior and exterior décor and party scenes on yacht for livelier shots.

Video and Production Services
Our videographer on board provides high definition services for making video in Dubai. Using high quality state-of-the-art gadgets and equipments which are operated by talented videographers and recreated by post production staff will be a lifelong memory for you

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