Donut and Banana Rides to Fill excitement in your life with your friends & family

Donut Rides

Make your charter experience adventurous with thrill filled water excitement on a ride that last for at least 15 minutes. You will surely feel the adrenaline rushing down your spine with yacht activities and water sports in Dubai. Indulge in some escapade while enjoying gracious stay on the beautiful yachts of MY DUBAI CRUISES.

The banana boat ride and donut rides are the most popular water sport that people explore in the UAE. Not only such sports are offered by MY DUBAI CRUISES, but we also ensure that the high quality safety measures are taken for every guest. That is why we provide life jackets and helmet to every crazy water enthusiast.

Enjoy the colors of the sea and hold on tight while the skipper professionally tows the raft which is inflated along with your customized ride. Everyone can take pleasure in the fun and laugh filled activity

Banana Ride Thrills

The banana is actually an inflated water tube that can easily carry passengers. Riders hold on tight while the ride is towed by a boat. Riders try not to fall in the water but it eventually happens.

This is one of the popular activities for water sports lover in Dubai for every member of the family. Groups can enjoy high speed while enjoying the views with a splash of the surf.

A speed boat will be provided by our professionals. Our friendly coordinator, before lunch will escort you to the location where activity is programmed. These are the safest among all activities. The life jacket is required because there is a high chance that you will fall in to the waters. Even after this injuries are not likely. The maximum that will happen is that you will get wet

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    Fill excitement in your life with your friends & family

    • Facilities for change
    • Lockers for personal and valuable items
    • High quality life jackets
    • Open sea area
    • Water thrill
    • Dubai views on the go

    Timing: 08:00am – 05:30pm (can be customized)
    Duration: 15 minutes on the ride